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Hair – Preparing for your Photo Shoot

hair-stylist_275x180Have It Professionally Done

Hair is one of the largest components in getting ready for your shoot.

I always recommend having it professionally done.

When a professional styles your hair, there are several benefits to your session.

  1. Your hair will stay styled longer, allowing you to be free from worrying about it
  2. It will have a professional look, making your portraits look more professional
  3. Stylists know how to work your hair type to its potential
  4. Your confidence will be boosted during the shoot
Mariane Heeringa (Hair & Makeup)
Lisa Zaagman (Hair Only)

Heidi Klunder (Hair & Makeup)

Thick Frizzy Hair

The biggest thing to watch out for is hair frizz. The camera seems to increase the appearance of frizz, so it is best to avoid it. I have a hair texture that tends to get frizzy especially in heat, so I can offer tips for fellow frizzy hair ladies

  1. Shower the night before the shoot instead of right before
  2. Let your hair air dry instead of blow drying
  3. My hair is frizzy at first when I let it air dry, but then it flattens down overnight when I sleep on it. If you blow dry the night before, the hair might be too flat in the morning.
  4. In the morning, or just prior to your shoot, have the hair curled, flattened, or put up, depending on your style.
  5. I usually do not have frizz when I wash my hair at night, but if it does happen I use a tiny bit of hair shine product to smooth it out. I’ve also used lotion when in a pinch.
  6. I’m not a big hairspray or hair product person day to day, but when you have a professional photo shoot, you want your hair style to stay. Use a high quality hair spray product to decrease frizz.


Thin Flat Hair

If you have thin, flat hair you will want to try and create as much body as possibly for the shoot. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Wash and blow dry shortly before your shoot
  2. Before drying, use a high quality volumizing mousse at the roots
  3. Brush your hair with your head upside down
  4. Sprinkle just a bit of baking soda or hair texturizing powder at the top of the scalp, and rub it in with your fingers
  5. Tease the roots to create lift
  6. High quality and light weight hair spray is important because some brands weigh down your strands, taking away volume

Overly Shinny Hair

If you have a problem with your hair looking greasy when it’s clean, follow these tips prior to your shoot.

  1. Wash and style just prior to your shoot
  2. Once dried sprinkle baking soda with your fingers onto your scalp and rub into your hair. Do this in any area’s that are too shiny.
  3. Dry shampoo is also a great investment for those of us with darker hair. Spray it on roots to soak up oil.