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Makeup – Preparing for your Photo Shoot

makeup-post_275x180Quality makeup application is essential for a professional shoot. The camera flattens out natural facial features, so it is crucial to have on makeup that allows those amazing features to stand out in pictures like they do in person. To accomplish this, the makeup needs to be more dramatic than what you would normally wear.

Hire a Professional

This skill goes far beyond eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Professional makeup is nothing short of art. They will:

  1. Blend your skin tone
  2. Apply highlights that bring out your features
  3. Contour your eye makeup, so your eyes pop
  4. Enhance your favorite traits

Professional quality makeup allows skin to breathe and doesn’t feel like a mask. The makeup will last throughout the shoot without smearing or fading.

When you go to have your makeup done, bring in photos of the style of makeup you want for your shoot. I have a Pinterest board with a variety of makeup styles that I love for photo shoots. Feel free to browse them here  View Pinterest Makeup Board

Keep in mind your makeup will need to be applied darker than what you’d wear in person, so make sure to tell your makeup artist that you are having professional portraits done. If you are someone who never wears makeup, and you are uncomfortable with how it looks on you, express these concerns to your makeup artist. If you want to look natural in your photos, you still need makeup in order for your features to stand out on camera the same way they do in person. Without any makeup, your features will look flat on camera.


Allison Bower (Makeup Only)
Mariane Heeringa (Hair & Makeup)
Heidi Klunder (Hair & Makeup)