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Outside Wedding Contingency Plan

You’ve dreamed of an outdoor wedding your whole life. Beautiful blue skies, cool breeze and the smell of fresh flowers were in your vision. You’ve worked hard to make it happen. Now that you’ve got it all planned out your starting to panic about a weather contingency plan. Not to worry! I work with many couples that experience this same dilemma. Most of the time we are able to go with the original outdoor plan without a problem. Unless your venue has a specific backup room that your equally in love with I recommend having your backup space be your reception space. Before you start to panic about how you would reorganize everything in time after the ceremony for the reception let me tell you that you don’t have to. You can have the ceremony in your reception space without moving any of your tables or decorations. How you ask? Simple. Your guests can sit at the reception tables while you and your wedding party do the wedding in the front. We will put a row of chairs in the front for parents, grandparents and any other special guests so they can be up front. You already have your reception space beautifully decorated so utilize it!

This is an example of a ceremony inside a reception tent. It ended up being a beautiful day for this wedding but the couple decided to do the ceremony inside the tent anyway to give their guests coverage from the hot sun.

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